(702) 359-5573

Phone Number: (702) 359-5573
Search Date: 2019-01-23
Area: Las Vegas, NV
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: CENTRAL TEL. CO. - NV

Comments (702) 359-5573

  • randall72

    they have called 6 times in a hour. i called back and told them they were calling a police department. the woman on the other end hung up on me. so i called back
    and told them to put me on their do no call list.

    12/26/13 6:33 PM
  • LL KJ

    702 359-5573 called out of the blue. This is a Las Vegas number. I called back someone answered with "vehicle services department". I am on a no-call list. Not sure what this is all about!

    12/05/13 2:39 PM
  • Joe

    They do keep calling... I am on the do not call lilst. Some service company.
    we called back and they said what they were. Sick of if.

    11/29/13 4:06 PM
  • Max

    Received another call from this number. It looks like he will be reported to donotcall.gov :)

    11/27/13 12:05 PM
  • ADB

    SCAM! Kept calling my house phone and I answered one time. The person on the call, with a very heavy accent, said my computer was notifying them of errors being reported to their company. I told them I'm a computer tech and would check it out myself. I then asked the name of the company. Of course I was hung up on. I received calls everyday for 3 weeks and never answered them. A friend of mine let me know my phone message was reporting that calls were being forwarded to 774-4566. The message didn't say an area code. I could trace the original number to this site but couldn't track the number my phone was forwarded to. My phone company cancelled the forwarding order and that's when I learned about this scam. It was recommended to block the number if possible, change the passwords on our accounts, check our credit cards for bogus charges, report the number to the BBB if possible, notify others on sites like this and send warnings to all of our friends about the scam.

    11/25/13 12:28 PM
  • sturds

    They keep calling, then would hangup. I would them back in which they would hang up. Finally someone actually stayed on the line and said they were calling about a car that I haven't had for 6 years and nevermind because it was too old for the warranty. This is a scam. Turn them in!!!

    11/23/13 2:48 PM
  • kp

    They call multiple times a day. If I answer I can hear a call center in the background but they just hang up without saying anything. Blacklisted the # with my telco.

    11/16/13 1:33 PM
  • CJ

    Telling me that my factory warranty is up on my car. I tell him that I'm not interested and he says "I don't care, I'm just telling you your options. Someone else will call you tomorrow if you don't listen to the options." I tell him to remove me from the list and he says that he can't do that and I will continue to receive these phone calls until I listen to the options. He was very disrespectful!

    11/14/13 8:09 PM
  • Randen

    One of those auto warranty scams. They call me regularly and just hang-up immediately. IMO this is a scam.

    11/11/13 2:27 PM
  • Max

    I didn't get to answer this call, but it is not a normal area to be calling my work phone.... especially when my work phone rarely rings.

    11/08/13 8:58 AM
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