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Phone Number: (701) 248-1374
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Minto, ND
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (701) 248-1374

  • Jherek Carnelian

    After a few long rambling messages on Slackman's answering machine, I have now gone a full 24 hours without a phone call from HIFE.

    CallerID4u is a fake telco that exists primarily to exploit database access fees. They get paid a quarter of a cent for each call where the name shows up on your Caller ID box. They, in turn, give the first-line telemarketers almost a tenth of a cent for each call that triggers a Caller ID lookup. That's why they keep calling even when I swear at them - they're paid if the call makes it to the second ring, and getting an actual prospect is just gravy.

    If HIFE is structured the usual way, the first person you talk to doesn't actually work for HIFE - rather, they work with the robodialer operator. Their company gets $8 or so for each prospect they forward to a licensed agent. So, what we need to do if we want them to knock it off is make calling us cost more money than it makes.

    Step one: when the robodialer calls, press 1 and speak to the live operator. The time it takes for them to collect your name is enough to outweigh the tenth of a cent CallerID4u gives them. That's not enough to outweigh the $8 or so for sending a prospect to HIFE, though. So - feign interest. Give them fake info and let them transfer you to a licensed agent. String the licensed agent along for as long as you have patience - then tell them that you're Jherek Carnelian. The agent will flip out - they hate me, and they've given the first-line telemarketers enough grief that they actually hang up when they recognize my voice, which tells me that they aren't getting paid for Jherek Carnelian any more.

    I'd appreciate hearing the tape if you get any particularly interesting flip-outs from the marketers, too. :)

    11/15/13 10:56 PM
  • joe

    Company is HIFE (health insurance for everyone). Direct number is 800 688-5167. Owner is joel slackman.

    10/25/13 5:54 PM
  • Sheila Smith

    Got a call today suggesting that they could help me get health insurance for as little as $80 per month. I answered because I have relatives in 701 area code. The caller asked what state I was in, then connected me to a "ceritified' or "licensed" health insurance agent in CA. He then asked me if I had any pre-existing conditions, though he didn't use those words. I said "I don't see why that is relevant anymore" and he hung up immediately.

    10/07/13 3:19 PM
  • AtlantaGA

    Number showed as "unknown" but Vonage captured their full number 7012481374 -- the recording claimed to be "United Healthcare" -- report them to

    09/02/13 9:56 AM
  • Sixty-Six


    08/06/13 7:10 PM
  • CP

    This website wouldn't allow me to post the links...you can

    07/09/13 4:18 PM
  • CP

    Found this...

    This telephone number (along with many others) belongs to a public telecom utility named CallerId4u Inc. These telephone numbers are used for illegal telemarketing calls. In addition, CallerID4u profits from these calls by entering into revenue sharing agreements with the telemarketers who conduct these illegal calls.

    07/09/13 4:09 PM
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