(651) 346-3529

Phone Number: (651) 346-3529
Search Date: 2018-05-24
Area: Hastings, MN
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (651) 346-3529

  • sassy

    These people never stop calling. Called back and asked to be removed from the list as there is no "Phillip" that lives here. They continue to call. So annoying! (They are a bottom feeder debt collector that buys junk debt from companies that have already written off the debt or settled. Scum!

    08/19/16 3:17 PM
  • john

    ths phone is calling a buisness phone every single day at the same time. they never leave a messege and never answer.

    07/01/16 12:28 PM
  • sassy

    This is ERC which is a collection agency which makes daily robocalls constantly. Blocked the number as we do not owe any debt.

    06/29/16 12:35 PM
  • Danielle

    When call came through an automated woman's voice said, connecting call. Then a man spoke and asked for someone named Derek. When I said that they had the wrong number, the caller said my number would be removed from the call list.

    06/29/15 6:06 PM
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