(650) 385-0058

Phone Number: (650) 385-0058
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Redwood City, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (650) 385-0058

  • Judy

    I get a call on my cell phone from this number every day. No one on the other end when I answer. When I call back I get the Verizon message stating that I have called a number that is no longer in service or has been changed, even when I call them back immediately. So, basically, there's no way for me to tell them to stop calling me. So Frustrating!

    06/17/13 2:30 PM
  • Annette

    They have called me 11 times today! I have blocked the number but I can still see how many time they have called me. Really sick!

    05/30/13 10:15 PM
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