(647) 258-5440

Phone Number: (647) 258-5440
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Toronto, ON
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: BELL CANADA - ON

Comments (647) 258-5440

  • Anonymous

    Didn't recognise the number so I did not bother to answer. For anyone else who gets a call from this number:

    1. get an App that blocks calls or
    2. add them as a contact (aka. zzspam) and put them in a group (spam group) that has a silent ringtone (or have it sent directly to voicemail, they will hang up).

    07/11/13 11:54 AM
  • Your name

    "Hello, this is Credit Services calling to inform you..." -- And I had to pay my cell phone company just to be harassed by these #*$@%!# telemarketers.

    Wow, what a great invention the No-Call list is; I get to waste my time giving the Government of Canada my telephone number and informing them that I don't want to be harassed so that I can waste my time filing complaints every few months, so that those in charge can do absolutely nothing about it.
    Great system -- Helping to employ large numbers of civil servants no doubt!

    06/10/13 2:37 PM
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