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Phone Number: (646) 467-6467
Search Date: 2018-06-22
Area: New York City Zone 01, NY
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (646) 467-6467

  • T

    this number calls and doesn't do anything, we have most numbers blocked, had surgery at 6:30 this morning .We came home to take a nap before I had to ride back to town 22 miles away. We never got our nap. We are on a do not call list. We can't call this number back and tell them to quit harrassing us. I want the p.o.s. to STOP NOW. They call at the worst times and say nothing. I looked it up and people say it's a medic alert scam. They are harrassing elderly people and there very worn out sick caretakers. I'm sick of this and I want to sue the hell out of them. I have ten others blocked on my phone and that is my allowance. These scums keep getting new numbers. I am worn out because of these harrassing calls. WE need our phone on for important stuff, if I shut it off then we always miss something direly important.THIS HAS to STOP. I'm taking this number to TED CRUZ, AND MY LAWYERS. I WILL TRACK THEM DOWN AND WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE SCAM SCUMBAGS OUT THERE PREYING ON ELDERY PEOPLE. IF WE WANT A MEDIC ALERT WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND ONE> WE DO NOT DO BUSINESS OVER THE PHONE AND THE SCUM WHO ALLOWS THIS TO GO ON SHOULD BE SUED TOO ! If I find the person who pushed the buttons to call us I'm gonna make you eat the gd phone you piece of manure

    09/19/13 4:21 PM
  • Jim Rogers

    I get calls everyday from these and other scum bags. I have filed numerous complaints with the FTC and nothing has been done about it. The do not call list is a waste of time and so is filing complaints about these low life A## holes who make the calls.

    09/19/13 3:00 PM
  • Mad in Minnesota

    Sanford Health of Sioux Falls South Dakota sold my private information to these Medic Alert people.
    I have Stage IV Lung Cancer. I dont have TIME to be ***ing around with telemarketer calls.
    This should be a crime punishable by law and prison sentence.
    If you are ever sick, trust me dont go there. What kind of evil greedy place would do that? What were all those privacy papers I signed?! Must have been fine print authorizing sale of my info to 2nd and 3rd party telemarketer companies.
    Thats just plain wrong.

    09/17/13 6:06 PM
  • Anonymous

    Have gotten repeat calls same as above. Am in process of reporting to Federal Do not Call violations. Also please report

    09/16/13 12:07 PM
  • Don

    Medic Alert bull.

    09/09/13 5:17 PM
  • Tom

    These people call at least twice daily try to sell a medical alert system...I have asked several times to be put on their do not call list by pressing the number they want you to and speaking to them directly...they continue to call.

    09/06/13 4:57 PM
  • RLM

    Call received on 9/03/13. Caller ID shows "Colony Capital". Since caller unknown to us,
    it was not answered. No message was left...This number is being blocked on our system.

    09/03/13 3:43 PM
  • susan

    happened to me

    09/03/13 11:38 AM
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