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Phone Number: (630) 489-9953
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Lombard, IL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (630) 489-9953

  • Bob

    Called me asking for a Mr. Rodriguez-when I told her that nobody lives here by that name, then she said she was from a local gas company. Then wanted to know if I was the owner of the house, and laughed at me when I asked her what it was ll about. She said, You're so funny... WHY WHY WHY can't these people be stopped?

    05/09/14 3:44 PM
  • Not Getting Scammed

    Total Scam! Trying to get control of your computer using a remote software - AMMYY. They try to get you hooked by running an EVENTVIEWER on your computer. Then get you to connect remotely.


    They say they are from Microsoft - No way!!!

    04/25/14 4:01 PM
  • Beware Additional Info

    Beware continued... Also, if you ever get a call from a place called Michael Michael Green Associates they do not EXIST either, infact they were so verbally threatening my husband damn near falled for they're scam. Related pay day as well, it seems these losers have a hack method to obtain some of your info. I am so aware of this SCAM that I immediately tell them loudly i'm filing a police report on they're number if they don't stop calling, that will just urk them off and you'll immediately get another number that calls you that is associated with them which is another scam which involves something wrong with your credit card and they want you to verify your credit card! Ceases to amaze me what people will do, YOU will also NOTICES NONE OF THEM are American! (not that i'm racist... but it's another RED flag.

    09/23/13 12:46 PM
  • Beware #3

    Beware cont. #3 LAST but not LEAST, I would suggest for people to get ahold of a bankrupcy lawyer and obtain the list that contains the list of things that will allow you to decifier whether or not your speaking to a legit debt collector or a scammer. THE LIST will be GIVEN with no charge, maybe the copy machine charge if enough people start asking. Start informing people via your social network as well. LETS spread this VIRAL and help americans not fall victim to these low life Criminals!

    09/23/13 12:30 PM
  • Beware cont.

    Part 2: Important INFO they are associated with this number as well: (214) 838-9953 include this as another # they use in your police report. Filing on line is very simple and efficient and helps the law and feds try to catch them.

    09/23/13 12:27 PM

    Per my Lawyer who is handing my Chapter 7 LEGIT DEBT COLLECTORS legally can not say certain things, AND this number is associated with people who are 100% SCAMMERS for they Violate the law in they're verbage. I would suggest anyone recieving a call from this number file a police report online. After throughly researching I have discovered these people pray on people that have done payday loans. If you have/had a payday loan go straight to the source of the place to take care of it. DO NOT TRUST these types of calls, Threatening in anyway is your first clue it's illegal and NEVER give out or CONFIRM any info these low lifes have on you. If you are worried tell them to send you written documentation via mail DO NOT give your address if they have all they say they have they should know it. I feel so sorry for the people that fall for this, especially the elderely. According to research the FEDS cannot locate these THIEFS for they are mobile, well I think it's time to have a dectective land a call such as they so they can trace it to it's location and start BUSTING these NO GOOD thiefs and get em thrown in prison. Be safe out there people, start educating your children of this so they don't fall victim to one of the world's biggest problems.

    09/23/13 12:23 PM
  • Mason

    collecting payday loans

    12/16/12 8:43 PM
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