(630) 206-1818

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Phone Number: (630) 206-1818
Search Date: 2018-04-23
Area: West Chicago, IL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (630) 206-1818

  • Gari

    Same thing happen to me however he called back 4 times. Seemed to have gotten frustrated when I didn't answer his question. "Is this xxxxx....my response was...may I ask who's calling....he got frustrated and hung up. he the blocked the number and called a few more times a couple of days later. Very very weird!

    06/19/14 4:58 AM
  • Greg

    Same happened to me like everyone else.

    Here is the remedy. Go to and file complaint against this number. FCC takes this very seriously and can even get the man behind bars

    11/25/13 3:27 PM
  • Angelique

    Got a call from 630 206 1818, asking by me. Said "this is she", the caller said "ok", then hung up. Inidan accent. Called back that number, the voice mail doesn't give a company name, said something like ""this is 630 206 1818", Inidan accent again. Creepy indeed.

    08/08/13 1:29 PM
  • Leon

    Frickin' indians called me. The account is registered with XO communications,
    there investigation unit contact info: 855-395-3075, investigations@xo.com.
    Let's keep 'em busy!

    07/12/13 7:01 PM
  • bill

    They called me today. Why arnt the POLICE grabbing these creeps

    05/31/13 3:27 PM
  • Audrey

    this number called my cell phone and home phone asked for me then hung-up.

    01/29/13 2:38 PM
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