(613) 686-3848

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Phone Number: (613) 686-3848
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Ottawa, ON
Provider Type: Wireless
Carrier Info: BELL CANADA - ON

Comments (613) 686-3848

  • Jenn

    They've called me 5,times in the last 5 minutes. Declined all of their calls (after my kids are in bed I screen all of my phone calls, it's me time, not to mention 8:22pm!!) and they just tried a 6th time. Can I block this number?

    09/05/13 12:12 AM
  • John

    Same here stupid scammers

    09/03/13 11:10 AM
  • Anonymous

    I have received a call from them at least once or twice a month for the last 4 months. They're scammers and also so annoying They also call at random times.

    09/02/13 11:13 AM
  • Theoclydides

    I had 2 calls, bout 15 minutes apart. Whomever "they" are, they only let it ring 3 times each time before hanging up. Makes me wonder if "they" might be government scammers, you know too lazy to actually do the whole scam.

    I'm actually not kidding, I'm waiting on a call from Immigration and beleve me, that would be their prefered method of telephone contact. Tthe call was long enough to note in thier activity log, but not long enough to necesitate a lenghty explanation, thereby freeing up time for a run to Timmy's.

    08/31/13 3:40 PM
  • Acro

    Same here, one of those cruise scammers

    08/31/13 12:20 PM
  • Rob

    Called my cell phone number this morning but I didn't pick up in time. Just as well by the sounds of it.

    08/31/13 10:59 AM
  • kb

    Called my at 11:25 this morning, no voicemail. Probably a scam.

    08/27/13 2:15 PM
  • Publc Mobile User in Mtl

    not sure it is a scam but it is surely a pain to receive a long distance call on your mobile on a Sunday to tell you that you won a cruise when you have not participated in anything. You know immediately something is wrong. Then they lead you into taking a survey, then you are entered, etc. etc. Un-necessary bull s*** to have to deal with.

    08/25/13 5:20 PM
  • Big Dick


    08/25/13 12:49 PM
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