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Phone Number: (609) 479-4077
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Burlington, NJ
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (609) 479-4077

  • Tim

    I got a call from this number but no one said anything, I could hear background noise and then they hung up.

    04/05/14 3:52 PM
  • CC in NJ

    Agree with PJ - caller could barely speak English. Had details about a car I owned up until last year, so not the most current. When I asked him to spell his name, he advised me that he does not have to. I agreed and said he could end the call then. He did. I called back and there is no company name on the greeting, which simply stated the company is closed. Normal business hours were listed as 7am - 4pm PT...it was noon on the East Coast. Scammer? Yes.

    03/27/14 1:10 PM
  • PJ in NY

    Trying to sell extended warranty on my car (I'm guessing it's a scam). Spoke English with an extremely heavy Indian or Pakistani accent. He knew the make and model of my car, not sure how, but I used to live in NJ (that phone number originates in Burlington, NJ) so maybe through old DMV records there (believe it or not they DO sell your information). Just for the record, not only was he calling my cell phone, which is illegal in itself, but I am also on the Do Not Call registry, so that makes the call illegal in any case.

    03/25/14 12:49 PM
  • yesgee

    Yes, wanted to know my vehicle's mileage. Could barely understand what he was trying to get to. Hung up hastily when I told him that I am in the do not call list.

    03/05/14 12:36 PM
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