(607) 795-7547

Phone Number: (607) 795-7547
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Elmira, NY
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (607) 795-7547

  • Melissa

    this guy called me this morning well he has been calling alll day long and leaving messages that say may god help me and ill be sorry if i dont return his call . they went as far as to call my job and tell my boss i was in deep trouble

    11/07/13 2:01 PM
  • Megan

    Scammers!!!! Do not answer!! I called the number back and asked to speak to a Supervisor after receiving Several threats.

    09/30/13 3:49 PM
  • Andrea

    This person has called my home many time today and it is a scam and he is not from the US, It is nothing but a scam.

    09/13/13 4:50 PM
  • Chris

    I got a call from the same person day the same crap. I told him to F off and hung up. He called back and I told him I'm calling my local police and he kept ranting about I need to pay $500 legal charges or I will be sorry. Wish I could find this guy then he be sorry lol

    08/20/13 7:09 PM
  • Ali

    SCAM! Got a call about lawyer wanting $ from me! It was a full scam, they were rude when I told them I've spoken to a lawyer and the police department the guy said "and and and.. that's all I hear" and hung up on me. They were unprofessional from the get go so I knew it was a joke, but I was curious what they wanted so I went along with to find out what exactly they were going to ask for. They wanted me to pay $ bc a lawsuit was being filed today, but wouldn't provide any other information!

    06/15/13 11:01 AM
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