(604) 644-6926

Phone Number: (604) 644-6926
Search Date: 2018-12-18
Area: Vancouver, BC
Provider Type: Wireless
Carrier Info: TELUS

Comments (604) 644-6926

  • Maninder

    Met this guy on Tinder and he’s a horrible human being! Makes up fake stories about being depressed as a way to manipulate someone into giving into his sexual wants. Really aggressive sexually - I felt like I was getting raped when I was having sex with him. Doesn’t stop or slow down when you ask him to. Ladies just stay away from this guy! He needs to seek out mental help before hooking up with anyone! He’s selfish and an expert manipulator!

    12/02/18 10:47 PM
  • Lora

    He raped me and ran. A horrible guy. He also broke my door.

    11/14/17 4:07 AM
  • Melody

    This guy just tried to pay me with meth lol what a goof

    10/28/17 2:32 PM
  • Rachel

    Alex Charmchi is a RAPIST!

    06/29/17 10:28 PM

    This guy booked with me and jacked my pot while I went to go the bathroom before our session started! Be careful!!

    01/05/17 5:14 PM
  • Syra

    This guy is a ***in loser! Came to my incall in Delta two days ago for a quickie, but he was feigning so hard. Just kept asking if I had any ecstasy. Then asks if he can get free sex if he goes down on me W.T.F. he's a ***ing druggy who drives some loser Volkswagen

    06/28/16 1:01 AM
  • Nadia

    Tried to add a link to my previous comment, but it didn't work. But just Google ALEX CHARMCHI if you wanna see a picture of this client

    04/02/16 11:42 PM
  • Nadia

    If ya'll wondering who owns this number!!

    Pretty sure the claims on this link is true. Seen him a few times before. Tried to sell me Aderall lol! No thanks bro!

    For those who brave this client, just a heads up, he is so hairy!!!!!! His whole body feels like carpet :|

    04/02/16 11:39 PM
  • Nina

    He's a dirty ***! And his *** smells funky! He got mad I put a condom over it, even though I said that I only offer safe services when he booked. Tried to intimidate me with his deep voice, but ew. MOVE FORWARD AT YOUR OWN RISK. Saw him last Saturday

    04/02/16 11:26 PM
  • Champagne

    Saw this guy two days ago. Seemed a bit edgy, good thing he only booked for a quickie. Then I saw his face on TheDirty. That he's Alex Charmchi. So shocked. I realized I have mutual friends with his sister. Such a small world!

    01/23/16 12:15 PM
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