(604) 200-3311

Phone Number: (604) 200-3311
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: New Westminster, BC
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: TELUS

Comments (604) 200-3311

  • CJ

    Have you considered it might actually have been TD Canada Trust? I had similar phone calls quite a while ago originating from a number back east (in Canada). When I finally did answer - only as a way to get them to stop - it turned out to be someone saying them were representing a credit card I had and wanted to ask if I wanted one of their extra services. Something like identity theft protection. They were really persistent, too, and i had to tell them a number of times I wasn't interested in a free month trial of their service which I'd then have to contact them again if I decided I didn't want it. Ridiculous and frustrating. I figure the banks are just greedy for more of our money and so they go to these lengths to try and get us to sign up.

    03/10/14 9:46 PM
  • TheDruid-3X3

    Alert To All!!!

    About Two or Three Weeks Ago, I Started Getting Phone Calls From 604-200-3311. I did not answer it and Googled the Phone Number and got Warnings that it is some sort of Scam from a Phone Number based in New Westminster.

    Then for the next few Week, I kept getting called from 604-200-3311 about Twice Per Day. Last Night, I got called again and this time I answered it to see what the F-ing Scam is about.

    When I answered, I got some Girl who claimed to be a Telephone Service Representative of the TD Canada Trust and that they were wanting to talk some sort of Business with me.

    I did not let her get to telling me the information about what Business they had in mind. I just gave this Chick a good dose of Verbal Abuse telling her that our TD Canada Trust would never harass me at least 2 Solicitation Phones per day and that I had Googled this Phone Number and got information that was a Warning about this Phone Number based in New Westminster being some sort of Scam. I then YELLED that I was going to be contacting my Bank and Police to make a Report about this and that she and her associates are going to be in Big Trouble and for her and her Accomplices to Stop Calling Me.

    I am now sending out Information Emails to Everyone I Know Warning them about this Fraud so that they can Safe Guard Themselves from this Scam.


    08/13/13 12:58 AM
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