(586) 630-5300

Phone Number: (586) 630-5300
Search Date: 2019-02-19
Area: Mount Clemens, MI
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (586) 630-5300

  • MelMel

    Any number you have registered with the do not call list will currently not be working and all calls will come through due to the government being shut down. Once the government goes back to work, then the blocked calls will be back in affect but not any time sooner, welcome to our wonderful world that does not give a s***.

    10/08/13 11:01 AM
  • me

    Call received from 586-630-5300. Message left on machine to call 866-880-6439 to receive free/discounted prescriptions. Called asked to be taken off list, put on hold, then disconnected. Received a call a minute later from 209-832-5041 young man claimed my number just called his. I am on the do not call list with my number.

    Reported to do not call registry.

    08/22/13 12:53 PM
  • Sadie

    Who does this number belong to?

    02/09/13 3:52 PM
  • Mason

    who is this that calls?

    02/09/13 2:47 PM
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