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  • Anonymous

    We have “fake news” but “fake cars” have been posted across Craigslist DAILY for a decade by ORGANIZED CRIME! Craigslist REFUSES to stop this systematic rip-off of Americans by foreign criminal syndicates and allows endless re-posts of the SAME CAR SCAM posts. OUTRAGEOUS!!
    One of the BIGGEST under reported crime sprees across America has been ripping us for MILLIONS and NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, CRAIGSLIST, EBAY, AMAZON or APPLE PAY has done anything to effectively control this crime, ongoing daily, though they are well aware of it. Using Craigslist, fake ads from foreign crime syndicates endlessly post cars, boats, wave runners, motorcycles, trailers, trucks, back hoes, horse trailers and just about any other big ticket transportation item. Thousands of these fake scam ads are posted daily, every day, 365 days a year as this is their business and use multiple servers and proxy sites to hide behind.
    The telephone number used is another verified PROXY for this ON-GOING CRAIGSLIST CAR SCAM.
    These crime rings based in Romania operate with total IMPUNITY. ALL the photos used in these FAKE POSTS are stolen from legitimate ads they troll for daily across the internet using pictures of near perfect items. This is their business. They have survived years because of lack of enforcement.
    KNOW if contacted, these criminals will ALWAYS have excuses why they can’t talk to you by telephone, but the real reason is they can NOT speak fluent English and would be discovered in seconds if they spoke.
    Respond to their SCAMS and you will be provided one of the several well-scripted BS stories and an e-mail with instructions you will get from a FAKE (but real looking) Ebay, Amazon, Apple pay, Paypal, Google Wallet, or other WEB site. The sites may look real but are bogus designed to make you believe they are legitimate. These thieves operate the perfect crime asking for numbers from cash cards they want you to buy. Once they get them, you will never hear from them again and the chances of recovering your stolen cash is zero. Or you will be asked to use a FAKE PayPal site. You WILL be taken for a fool. These crooks are immoral and have no concern about you. They will say ANYTHING to get your money and are expert con artists with a story for every question you present to them. Law enforcement won’t touch these felons who are well protected in Romania as they pay locals off to look the other way. We cannot understand why Craigslist allows this well identified, DAILY massive crime. They allow hundreds of these felonies daily that are from the same organized crime group.
    This CRIME will continue FOREVER until Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay, Apple pay, Paypal, international law enforcement and the F.B.I. take effective action, which they have failed to do for YEARS. The endless excuses they use are growing old as Americans get fleeced for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollar. In the meantime, you will hear very little about this crime as Craigslist and others are doing everything they can from exposing this for the crime it is as they are protecting their profits and don’t want the public to know how rampant this crime is. Thieves spend their careers doing nothing but ripping hard working folks like you off, and since you are not “connected”, the effort to contain this crime is virtually non-existent. As always, follow the money.
    This well documented crime is costing millions DAILY and nothing is being done to halt it. Want to “drain the swamp”? Well, here lies the deep end of it. Shameful that our elected officials spend OUR money on, protecting THEIR jobs, not OUR safety. And this same fake car SCAM continues without consequence. We are NOT being protected by our law enforcement as they all say “there is nothing they can do”. There is PLENTY then can do but refuse to do so. The American people are being lied to.

    01/21/17 3:10 PM
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