(561) 672-3665

Phone Number: (561) 672-3665
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Boca Raton, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (561) 672-3665

  • JaninCali

    This Diabetes Depot scammer is so well known now that he's changed his number to 561-235-3906 and it comes up on Caller ID as "Florida Caller." Thanks, Torri, for the info on *57 and *60. I didn't know that. He called just yesterday morning again, so I'm sure I'll be hearing from him again. Why isn't he in prison yet?

    04/23/14 8:45 AM
  • Torri

    I just learned to call *57 after they call and it reports their number to the authorities. Next dial *60 and you can block that number, you just need to follow the prompts to do so.
    You know it is a scam company when they hide their name from caller ID, and just list their city and state. When you try to dial back all you get is a busy tone

    02/03/14 2:19 PM
  • smart guy

    Sounded likte call was coming from India. Claimed i was approved for a free testing meter by insurance company. He asked which company I have. I did not want to disclose any personal infor; so I told him I had two polices: Seattle Seahawk and denver Bronco. The guy replied "yeah that's the one let's sign you up".

    01/22/14 1:24 PM
  • kit7kat

    I have been getting this call for the last three months. First, I talked politely saying I have no diabetes. Then again he called a month later, I was still polite thinking that could be an honest mistake. But after getting another call today, and finding out I was angry, he hung up on me. I re-dialed him and said I am going to report the number to police if I get another call from this number. He apologized and hope he understands it is not cool to bother other people for no reason. After googling, I found so many complaints here.

    01/09/14 5:16 PM
  • Denise

    The number calls all day & they don't leave messages

    12/24/13 1:25 PM
  • Jana

    Got calls from this number 'Diabetic Depot'...says they will send out a free meter with insurance information and Drs name...after speaking with them for a while..this business doesn't appear anywhere in Google. Seems like they want data for Drs , insurance and personal addresses/etc. --Possible scammer.

    12/02/13 10:54 AM
  • kundra

    pathetic calls from this number keep calling again and again and searching for some unknown person

    11/27/13 5:03 PM
  • lang

    have gotten a call from this number 3 times a day for the past week. I called it back and got "hello?". its nobody important so just don't answer it

    11/16/13 5:58 PM
  • Anonymous

    For me they keep asking for a miguel and im like this aint miguels number dont call three days later calls again is this miguel im like -_- i said no stop ***ing calling

    11/09/13 11:40 AM
  • VampiressRachelNC

    I gave a sleepy "Hello" to go along with my act as soon as I heard that all too familiar telemarketer background crap. After the diabetes spill -I told him "Oh no, dude, I'm a vampire-I drink blood, I do not care if my victims have high blood sugar ...It's like drinking coffee or low blood sugar -then I just get a milkshake" -I even offered to come make him a vampire too and told him he had the perfect accent to be one. I started giving him advantages of being a vampire, how much you really have to drink each day -but once I offered to make him one and that accent -that did it, he hung up on me.

    11/07/13 10:44 AM
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