(541) 588-7601

Phone Number: (541) 588-7601
Search Date: 2014-04-20
Area: Sisters, OR
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Pacific

Comments (541) 588-7601

  • OuLqiooGeQP

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  • DF

    Let's see if you get this message, the last one didn't go through I don't think. text me here please 5415887601 I'll tell more about myself and we can trade pics

    08/20/13 12:48 PM
  • joe

    I live near the downtown core here in town. we can meet for a drink, you will
    not be let down. I have pics text me instead 5415887601 came from a fake name Anika Hert.

    08/17/13 2:47 PM
  • jack f.

    "Elaina Petruso" Finally summer is here. Just want someone to share it with. Respond to me if still looking. gimme a text instead 5415887601

    08/16/13 12:17 AM
  • McLovin'

    From: Hallie Magruder <8ec7cf9bf40e3f6d84850fe3a78dd75c@reply.craigslist.org>

    "Hey, thought I'd respond. Won't say much here but I'll tell you more if I hear back. Just enjoying the day. text me instead 5415887601"

    Lol scam obviously, repeated by many people... same exact number...

    08/14/13 12:06 PM
  • sj

    scam got the same email from cl post. I'm 34, fit, I think I'm attractive, but I do have a pic so you can judge

    08/09/13 11:14 PM
  • C B

    SPAM SPAM SPAM The text number left by craigslist personal spammer: Sanjuana Pederson "Hey, still looking? I had a post here awhile back, no luck. Anyway, 34, fit, attractive. text me instead 5415887601"

    08/07/13 7:57 AM
  • C B

    SPAM SPAM SPAM Lilly Baines says "Hello, this is weird, never been on here, heard it was good for a quick meet up. I'd like something that lasts a little longer that that I guess....depends. text me instead 5415887601"

    08/06/13 10:16 AM
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