(540) 318-1504

Phone Number: (540) 318-1504
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: Stafford, VA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (540) 318-1504

  • T in Calif.

    Same as above - requested friend - chat was: "what kind of music do you like" then the "have to go - hit me up sometime 540-318-1504" used name Jessica Shullick.

    10/09/13 6:32 PM
  • Gavin

    This person was named Lisa Boggs, she was friends with my best friend and I asked him if he knew who she was he didn't know, I friended her so I could ask why she friended me she said and I quote " I just added you since I liked your pic. What are you looking 4 in a woman? Ugh I need to sign of right now :<. Txt me sometime 540-318-1504 :)

    09/24/13 10:03 PM
  • HDunaway

    A girl named Leanne Thielen friended my Middle School aged son and several of his friends on Facebook, then sent him a message saying, "Nice photos.. If a girl asked u out would you accept? Hey I have to logout right now :( Gonna jet, so text me please 540-318-1504. Not even an hour later, another girl who had friended my son sent a similar message so I got suspicious and decided to check it out.

    09/13/13 12:16 PM
  • Will

    Heres what I got, Wife looked it up for me with an image search. This scammer used the name Jessica Lawnicki

    Nice pics..
    What's your favorite hobby?
    er.. I have to log off right now
    Txt me if u wanna talk 540-318-1504

    09/11/13 9:59 AM
  • Bryn

    I've gotten this scam twice they send you friend request followed by "hey i liked your picture or do you like (something from your facebook page) then they say they have to get offline so you should text them. I never texted their number twice to see what their scam is.

    09/04/13 6:13 AM
  • Stepwise

    I just added you cuz I liked your picture.

    Do u like to praty?

    hey I have to log off right now

    Hit me up if u wanna talk 540-318-1504

    09/03/13 6:54 AM
  • anonymous

    I got hit up on FB to be "friend" of Jessica Scheffer and then immediately got a msg saying "Nice pics. Do u like girls with piercings? er...I gotta log off right now :( Hit me up today 540-318-1504 k?"

    Decided to google # and saw that it's some sort of scam. I guess I'll spam the hell out of her fb page.

    09/01/13 4:09 PM
  • nazi g

    (I added u since I liked your picture.
    Whats your favorite hboby?
    Text me if u wanna talk 540-318-1504 )

    this is wht she sent me and offline then ....

    07/25/13 12:36 AM
  • Anonymous

    Yo i just got that i hear u

    07/18/13 11:58 PM
  • John

    Chick made a fake facebook added one friend than me. Than sends me this immediatly.
    I lkied your pic, so I added u.

    Hvae you met anybody cool on here yet?

    I gotta sign off right now : (

    Hit me up sometime 540-318-1504 k?

    lurk much....

    07/16/13 1:07 PM
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