(520) 337-5210

Phone Number: (520) 337-5210
Search Date: 2018-05-23
Area: Willcox, AZ
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (520) 337-5210

  • DR8

    My 11 year old son was getting text messages from this person saying that she was a secret admirer, sat near him and school and wanted to know if he would ever go out with her. Simply ignore and it will go away....

    05/09/14 6:41 PM
  • Anonymous

    This person is real! She txt me *** about my man that only I would really know! She was txting him the night before offering oral (choice of better words!) whom ever this girl is she lives in madison, wi!

    03/29/14 1:04 AM
  • tina

    Received text on both my personal & work phone stating that my boss & I are going to be arrested.

    03/11/14 5:47 PM
  • Nunya

    Received numerous texts that were nasty and distasteful all night. They were gross and graphic. Not sure how they got my number, but obviously, it's some sort of scammer.

    03/11/14 4:58 PM
  • Anonymous

    I got a few texts from this number saying my boyfriend was cheating on me and kept calling me names this person knew his name and everything but when I asked who it was they never responded in so confused on what's happening and it is kinda worrying me.

    03/10/14 2:05 AM
  • nunya

    received a few texts from this number with names of several people i know, as well as several details that are not public knowledge. knew my husband's name. how did this person know these details?

    03/04/14 4:58 PM
  • meg

    This number texted saying she wad my noyfriends side joint that while im at work shes all on my stuff . Very crazy. Never texted back. Not able to recieve calls if I try.

    02/23/14 1:09 PM
  • Not Saying

    I received a few text messages from someone who said they knew me. They even called me by my first name which was very odd. I asked who they were and they asked if I was seeing someone. I insisted they tell me who they were and they never responded again. I called the number and I got an automated voice telling me the number I dialed was incorrect or some BS

    02/05/14 12:21 AM
  • rick

    Me 2 I'm in tx.. been texting me and the girl of my dreams

    02/03/14 7:33 PM
  • Jesus Sanchez

    Recieved multiple text messages from this number. Asking i f i was busy. I replied asking who it was and got this in return."You forgot about me that fast I still think of you so much I regret not getting back together"

    02/03/14 8:53 AM
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