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  • the worst sexual experience of my life.

    03-09-2013, 07:14 PM #9
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    Yup...real pics
    Booking easy...tells me she is gfe/pse, big kisser, sensual and a nymph...
    opens door and leaves entry way before I am in...barely even a hello.
    follow her to the bedroom and she gets in bed under the covers, leaving me to undress...so far, not even a welcome kiss on the cheek. I undress and join her. Try small talk as she won't turn off tv...ask her if she's from Ottawa..."no". Okay...so I ask if she likes Ottawa..."nope, hate it". Ask her what she likes in bed..."never really gave it much thought"...ask if she wants to kiss...sigh followed by "sure".
    Ok, I am pissed by now...so, I remind her of her pse claim and ask for oral. She grabs a cover and puts it on my still limp *** and begins the most uninspired and worst oral yet. I decide, *** it, let's see the chest and I start to remove her clothes...
    She is not into this at all...but, I figure since I had to pay upfront, I may as well get myself hard and at least *** her. This I do and, she does lift her hips for nicer entry. At least it was reasonably tight and wet...I finish and, as soon as I pull out, she tells me to remove it and wrap it well before flushing or it won't go down..
    I follow instructions and clean up. When I get back in the room, she is dressed and under the covers. I look at my bb and pretend I have been called to a meeting...she replies with "probably a good idea, I am hungry and am ordering room service and it would be rude to eat in front of you" WTF? I've been there 20 minutes and paid for an hour...

    Walk away from this one gents...a true waste.
    Without a doubt, the worst sexual experience of my life. Masturbation is far more pse and my right hand is much more gfe than miss Kathy.

    10/09/17 5:33 PM
  • blow up doll experience, dead in the hea

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    Nice girl, beautiful, but doesn't really want to be there, and was physically exhausted.
    Comes to Ottawa because Montreal was to competitive for her. You have to drive everything. She's really zoned out, and is just a blow up doll that you have to handle. Says dfk, but had to pry it out of her ...
    BUDE (blow up doll experience). Nice butt. If you're into nacrophillia (sp?) she can play dead perfectly.
    Otherwise, I had a great time. Oh, not a clock watcher.

    Maybe had something happen to her earlier that day ... Told me after she had 2 really bad experience earlier after I told her service was *** prior to leaving.

    So the rate is just for the body, nothing more. Maybe interaction was an add on?

    So there, how's that for a review?
    Is your *** hard? Are you about to explode?

    I was in a good mood till I thought about her.
    But pretty and nice body.

    10/09/17 5:32 PM
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