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Phone Number: (513) 847-0093
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Bethany, OH
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (513) 847-0093

  • Private

    I received an un-requested un-identified call from this number; 513-847-0093. After checking Google search I see the caller is TWC, (for solicitation purposes generally). I did not answer the call, however, I responded with a text message stating, ... "TWC Please Note: I do Not appreciate you calling my number for solicitation purposes. Please place me on your 'Do Not Call List'. Thank you." ... I'm not sure if they will receive my message, although I'm guessing they likely might, as it's a Verizon number. Time will tell. I have ZERO time & patience for telemarketers.

    10/24/14 4:34 PM
  • kirsty

    They have called my home 5 times today. I have an unlisted number and I get dorks calling. Likely my kids answer and tell them speak English can't understand you. They don't leave messages on my machine if from Time Warner they would.

    11/12/13 8:29 PM
  • Scorched Earth

    While the call connects to the Time Warner Promotions department, the owner of the autodialer which is making these calls is a company called Phone Ware, Inc. They're harassing cell phone users with hang-up calls. I've been called several times every day for a month now. How annoying!

    A little sleuthing uncovers enough information to pursue legal action:

    The main phone number to contact Phone Ware, Inc is 1-858-530-8550.

    The company's address is:

    Phone Ware, Inc.
    8902 Activity Rd
    San Diego, CA 92126

    Agent For Service Of Process (if you sue them):

    SAN DIEGO, CA 92126

    They have a website: www.phonewareinc.com

    Remember: It's illegal to autodial a cell phone with a pre-recorded message....

    It's illegal to autodial a cell phone, period...

    And it's illegal to refuse to provide a copy of the company's Do Not Call policy...

    Hmmm. I'm feeling harassed. Aren't you?

    07/28/13 4:25 PM
  • Jake

    Call them back and they'll take you off their list

    07/26/13 2:46 PM
  • Mike

    Continues calling, but I never answer.

    03/12/13 1:56 PM
  • Jake

    Calls a couple times a week. Never get a person when I answer. Really tired of being called - I never talk to them!

    12/13/12 7:05 PM
  • Elizabeth

    This is a telemarketing component of Insight Cable, a unit of Time Warner Cable.

    12/05/12 5:50 PM
  • Anthony

    said to be representative of Insight communications, which I believe now is Time Warner, very rude

    12/03/12 9:19 PM
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