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Phone Number: (513) 847-0093
Search Date: 2014-10-21
Area: Bethany, OH
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (513) 847-0093

  • kirsty

    They have called my home 5 times today. I have an unlisted number and I get dorks calling. Likely my kids answer and tell them speak English can't understand you. They don't leave messages on my machine if from Time Warner they would.

    11/12/13 8:29 PM
  • Scorched Earth

    While the call connects to the Time Warner Promotions department, the owner of the autodialer which is making these calls is a company called Phone Ware, Inc. They're harassing cell phone users with hang-up calls. I've been called several times every day for a month now. How annoying!

    A little sleuthing uncovers enough information to pursue legal action:

    The main phone number to contact Phone Ware, Inc is 1-858-530-8550.

    The company's address is:

    Phone Ware, Inc.
    8902 Activity Rd
    San Diego, CA 92126

    Agent For Service Of Process (if you sue them):

    SAN DIEGO, CA 92126

    They have a website: www.phonewareinc.com

    Remember: It's illegal to autodial a cell phone with a pre-recorded message....

    It's illegal to autodial a cell phone, period...

    And it's illegal to refuse to provide a copy of the company's Do Not Call policy...

    Hmmm. I'm feeling harassed. Aren't you?

    07/28/13 4:25 PM
  • Jake

    Call them back and they'll take you off their list

    07/26/13 2:46 PM
  • Mike

    Continues calling, but I never answer.

    03/12/13 1:56 PM
  • Jake

    Calls a couple times a week. Never get a person when I answer. Really tired of being called - I never talk to them!

    12/13/12 7:05 PM
  • Elizabeth

    This is a telemarketing component of Insight Cable, a unit of Time Warner Cable.

    12/05/12 5:50 PM
  • Anthony

    said to be representative of Insight communications, which I believe now is Time Warner, very rude

    12/03/12 9:19 PM
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