(512) 773-9190

Phone Number: (512) 773-9190
Search Date: 2018-04-21
Area: Austin, TX
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (512) 773-9190

  • Girls in VT

    we have received calls from this number. the name shows as "Mark Jeffrey" and everytime we do not pick it up. When it goes to voicemail, it sounds like a lot of people in a room or a bar or something.

    06/12/13 8:25 PM
  • crystal

    I got a call from this number and I tried to call it back and it says that the call did not go throughweird

    06/06/13 7:15 PM
  • nerve wrecked

    I got a couple calls this week from an Indian sounding man asking for me...I don't know him or how he got my number. What do I do about this???

    06/04/13 9:03 PM
  • Anonymous

    512-773-9190, I have also received multiple telepohone calls and the caller threatned to rape my family memebers.

    Does anyone have a police report number, police department name and contact information who is investigating this matter?

    05/29/13 5:05 PM
  • Anonymous

    After Reading these comments, I can say that I have had the EXACT same experience from this number and mine is also a personal cell.

    05/28/13 12:37 PM
  • M Porter

    I have been getting calls from this number. Over the past 4 days I gotten 29 calls. The man has an Indian accent and at first wanted to know about my birth control pills, then my sexual lifestyle, then he wanted my bank account and credit card number and now he says the only way for him to remove me from their list is to pay him $300. He has also threatened to come to my home and "take care of me". When I ask for his supervisor he simply says no. I have reported this twice to the FCC but have yet to hear back from them. These calls are harassment and threatening.

    05/27/13 3:34 PM
  • M. Porter

    I have gotten 9 calls in the last hour from this number. The men all have thick middle eastern accents. They are asking for personal medical information and my bank account number and address. I was told that he will continue calling until I give him the information he wants. He is very abusive and is starting to alarm me. The last call he threatened me that they can find me and come get the information.

    05/25/13 2:38 PM
  • lycollins

    I've been getting calls for over a month now from this number. The guy has such a thick Asian accent I couldnt understand him other than he's calling from some Medical Compensation thing or other. When I told him he's calling me on a private cellphone number and asked how did he get my number, he only replied, I'll call you back later. Since then, he would call me at random hours, early as 7:30 am to late as 9 pm. I tried to block his number (somehow got around it) and so I finally texted the number to stop calling me. So annoyed!

    05/22/13 4:20 PM
  • real

    We have also received numerous repeated calls from this number. They never leave messages. Highly highly suspicious.

    05/22/13 2:50 PM
  • Pissed Off

    I got a few calls from this number, at first I didn't answer it and they left no voice mails. After a few times of it keep showing up I answered it because I thought maybe it could be a mother company because I have been sending out resumes and thought I should answer it. The man new my name, asked for me... it was really weird and creepy... said his name was Calvin from Medical Compensation Department; I asked for his contact information and he said he would call back for me later. (WIERD AND CREEPY... screams BEWARE!) Don't give out any personal information. I have a private cell phone number so I am interested on finding out who SOLD him my information and going after them BOTH!!!!!!

    05/20/13 1:39 PM
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