(505) 919-7045

Phone Number: (505) 919-7045
Search Date: 2018-05-23
Area: Santa Fe, NM
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (505) 919-7045

  • Tom

    I'm sure it's a scammer. Being on the do not call list means nothing from what I can tell. I get as many scammer and telemarketing calls now as ever. I just don't answer anything and keep my ringer turned off. Just check the phone once in a while to see if anyone I know has called.

    03/24/14 1:34 PM
  • Brian

    The number called, but left no message. Caller ID captured it as 'Security'. From what I've read on a couple other sites, this is a scam trying to get personal information and credit card numbers through the guise of selling a home security system. Suffice to say I live no where near New Mexico, don't know anyone who lives there, and since I live in an apartment building have little need for a home security system.

    03/19/14 8:38 PM
  • Shirley

    It came up as SECURITY on my caller ID. I knew it was a scammer and did not answer. It seems being signed up on the government DO NOT CALL LISTS don't work because I continue to get calls. I am considering changing my number and not listing it.

    12/11/13 12:53 PM
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