(504) 689-5241

Phone Number: (504) 689-5241
Search Date: 2017-11-24
Area: Lafitte, LA
Provider Type: Landline

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    504-689-5241 -aka- 800-929-3556 -aka- 877-237-6120 just called our business using a Caller ID Spoofer. The Caller ID came up as "Barataria LA". We can guarantee that the call did NOT come from Barataria LA, and in fact the company is located at 2201 Renaissance Blvd, King Of Prussia, PA 19406-2707, and the male caller even admitted that he was calling from a call center in Iowa. The male caller was trying to hard push an SEO service that we have NO interest in and we informed him of this. The company in question is called HIBU -aka- HIBU plc -aka- Yell Group plc. They are a multinational directories and internet services company which is headquartered in Reading, Berkshire, UK. Their website is : | | Attention HIBU, as I'm sure you'll eventually see this - When you have to spoof your number to attempt to get cold call sales, then your company is actively breaking the law, as well as participating in unscrupulous business practices. We will be filing a formal complaint with the FCC and the FTC in regards to your business practices, as the call was on a recorded line with your employee admitting to Caller ID spoofing.

    11/14/17 2:02 PM
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