(469) 708-0070

Phone Number: (469) 708-0070
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Dallas, TX
Provider Type: Landline

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  • Joise Ellis

    This guy call my cell phone. Stating that I owe them money from a payday loan. Which I thought was funny because this morning I went online to apply for a payday loan. Then three hours later this guy is calling about a payday loan. I asked him to mail me the information about the money I owe his reply was he can email it. Then I told him no you must mail it to me. I even explain to him that i would go to fedex.com and pay for the shipping of the package for me to get it tomorrow. His reply was I am going to do my job and nothing else. Mailing you the information isnt my job. So i asked your telling me i owe your company money and your willing to call me to tell me about it but wont send me paperwork in reference to it? His reply was yes. I told him I spoke to my attorney yesterday and they told me when i get phone call like it to ask for the so called company to mail me information about the money that is owed. And if they don't for me not to give them any personal information about myself. I just got off the phone with my attorney and she stated that this was a joke. and not to worry about it. There are people who are out there who are trying to scare people and fraud them by making them pay something that they don't owe.

    06/26/13 6:12 PM
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