(443) 397-9394

Phone Number: (443) 397-9394
Search Date: 2018-04-21
Area: Salisbury, MD
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (443) 397-9394

  • Anonymous

    443-397-9394 ext. 643

    10/03/14 10:33 AM
  • Diana

    For the past 5 years we have been receiving calls from this company and they will try every extension in our office. They claim to be Hospitality Services and are calling about recent events at the Marriott or Marriott Marquee in NYC. When my staff asks for more specifics they hang up. I told then I was contacting the better business bureau.

    09/19/14 6:40 AM
  • Lisa

    This company calls claiming to represent a Hospitality Services company hired by hotels to follow-up for quality assurance purposes. I don't know how they get the names and numbers of customers to ask about their "recent event"; although they are never able to give any more specific information regarding the "event" they are referencing.

    09/16/14 7:27 AM
  • Christopher

    This company claims to represent "Hospitality Services," a company providing customer service-related support. They received my contact information from a Conference I attended/managed. How, I'm not sure. When I contacted them, they were unable to answer my questions before I provided them with any additional information: they did not have a company website; their email was not a company-related email/domain, it was thru Gmail, they were not able to provide me with a reason as to why they were contacting me or how they received my contact information.

    07/16/14 9:38 AM
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