(440) 617-5620

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Phone Number: (440) 617-5620
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Trinity, OH
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (440) 617-5620

  • Anonymous

    Recieved a call from 440-617-6520 today. The guy want to lower my interest rate on my Chase, Wait Citi..wait sear card....he hung up when I stated i didn't have a card....beware!

    06/04/13 7:48 PM
  • KCinNH

    I also got a call on my Verizon cell and did not answer. I am listed with the Do Not Call Registry. Will be reporting them there. A bit concerning if they are hitting Verizone customers

    05/03/13 4:25 PM
  • L

    Got a call today on my unlisted cell. Didn't answer. Thanks for the heads up.

    05/02/13 11:52 AM
  • ShawnUT

    They are a credit card scammer promising lowering rates and they called my unlisted cell. Machine is calling. If you have Verizon like I do, I blocked them. Went to www.vzw.com/blockcalls. Good for 90 days.

    04/29/13 1:00 PM
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