(440) 252-1762

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Phone Number: (440) 252-1762
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Bedford, OH
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (440) 252-1762

  • Jim

    they called, no message

    12/04/13 4:08 PM
  • Jacki

    Received call on cell phone - no message. Called back on another blocked phone and got a message about receiving a gift card for visiting an affilicate web site. Hung up.

    12/03/13 5:52 PM
  • Lisa

    I received a call from this number with no message. I don't have time to call them back. No clue how they even got my number.

    11/07/13 12:30 PM
  • Anonymoose

    Called me at 8:32 pm Fri 10/25/13

    10/25/13 10:49 PM
  • Jessica

    I got a call from this number. They did not leave a message so I called back. They claim to be giving away gift cards for using an affiliated website. It's all automated. It said push 1 to accept the gift card or push 2 to be placed on the do not call list. I pushed 2

    10/16/13 6:08 PM
  • scott

    ditto.. called and did not leave a message.. I will do the same for them.

    09/26/13 6:35 AM
  • Evan

    No message, called in evening.

    09/04/13 7:55 PM
  • Julie

    I got a call form this number too and they did not leave a message.

    07/20/13 9:51 AM
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