(435) 336-8502

Phone Number: (435) 336-8502
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Coalville, UT
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (435) 336-8502

  • Patrick

    Why are all of these comments left around the same time of day, and SO recent? Looks like someone is going so far as to create fake comments about this phone number as another illusion. You are going to get FIGURED OUT, AGAIN. It's only a matter of time.

    11/17/13 7:52 PM
  • Crystal

    They called this morning saying I needed to speak to them regarding lowering my interest rate, I was very suspicious because my wallet had been stolen last night. When I asked which card it was in reference to she said your Visa. I said I have multiple which one. She then hung up on me. I called the number back and it was a non working number.

    11/15/13 10:47 AM
  • Ask a scammer

    This number came up on my phone today and I was at work and could not answer it. I am on the Do Not Call Registry. I guess this one's getting reported too.

    11/13/13 9:31 PM
  • All West IP Technician

    All West Communications: This is a number owned by All West Communications But is not registered to any of our customers nor is being used by anyone affiliated with All West Communications. This number is being spoofed by a company or individual who is able to out pulse fake caller ID’s, not a difficult process to do with the correct equipment. If called by this number please try to keep the call active for a few minutes and then call your local phone provider to report the call and get any call records associated the call.
    Thank you From All West Communications

    11/13/13 6:08 PM
  • SL

    What I can't stand about these calls is that I am on the Federal Do Not Call list. Why do I bother?

    11/12/13 2:30 PM
  • J

    I received a call from this number they called but didn't leave a message. Then the same day I received a call from a local area code (586)209-5821. I called the number back thinking it was someone I knew, it was just music playing and no one picked up. I've had 5 calls from this number. I called them back again and a man picked up he knew my name and my address right away right away. He was wondering if I'm interested in switching to a new insurance company (LCN insurance). I look it up also a scam. I never get sales calls on my cellphone. I think both numbers are related somehow.(plus I was freaked out because he knew my name and my address and called me on my cellphone.

    11/07/13 3:01 PM
  • J

    Phishing scam to get credit card numbers!

    11/05/13 5:28 PM
  • Jami

    Recorded message said Rachael from Card Member Services. She tries to imply she's from your credit card company. I pressed one and spoke to a lady that got very nasty with me when I pressed her for the name of the company she was with but she finally said Account Services. I filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry.

    10/31/13 2:20 PM
  • jim

    This is a scam. Report it to the FCC: - Although I'm not sure how much they can do without identifying information on the company.
    I received calls on a personal cell phone also. This is illegal for multiple reasons:

    (a) my number is listed on the do-not-call list

    (b) cell phones cannot be used for solicitations unless you have done business with that company in the past 18 months, or it is a non-profit (or a similar exemption)

    (c) pre-recorded messages are not allowed for solicitations on cell phones (unless it is a known business associate, like your hairdresser calling with a recorded appointment reminder)

    (d) the number has been intentionally "spoofed" (it's a fake number, they're not realling calling from there) and the message does not give any identifying information, which is mandatory for legal solicitious calls.

    Obviously the company responsible for the calls is fully aware they are in violation of several legal clauses (a-c) and so is attempting to avoid enforcement by concealing their identity. You can steal, cheat, and scam as much as you want as long as no one catches who you are, right? I pretended to be interested in their services to try to get their info, but as soon as I asked the company's name they hung up on me.

    Good luck to anyone who can figure out a name, address, or real number for this company - that would be extremely useful!

    10/31/13 2:06 PM
  • Ratt

    rec'd call and it left a message "this is your final notice" and something about lowering my debt. It is a scam!

    10/30/13 12:12 PM
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