(424) 200-6123

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Phone Number: (424) 200-6123
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Hawthorne, CA
Provider Type: Wireless
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (424) 200-6123

  • RW

    Missed call from 424 200 6123, rented from National (SNA) last week. Called back on google voice, they claim to be a marketing research center (prerecorded msg). Now they are spam in my contact list and go directly to voice mail. Need to root phone to send them to a disconnected number.

    09/03/13 7:36 PM
  • Restricted

    Also rented from enterprise

    08/26/13 10:49 PM
  • Anonymous

    Rented from enterprise.

    08/22/13 11:34 PM
  • Anonymous

    Rented from Enterprise as well. Didn't answer it, so don't know what they wanted. No message.

    08/21/13 10:26 PM
  • Mrs. Ski

    I rented a car from Enterprise last week. Received a call from this number. Caller hung up before I could get to my phone.

    08/19/13 9:10 PM
  • CB

    Rented from Enterprise. Got a call from this number. Hung up.

    08/15/13 3:51 PM
  • Knolls

    Received a 'Missed Call' for this number. No message left. I did rent from Enterprise last week. I did not return the call.

    08/12/13 11:31 PM
  • arch

    No message left. However, I did rent a call from enterprise last week.

    08/07/13 12:16 PM
  • Mags

    Claims to be a survey for Enterprise Car Rental.
    Per the instructions, call 800-864-8601 to add your number to their company do-not-call list. My caller ID showed "Enterprise" -- I did not rent from Enterprise, but only called locally for information last week. Even though they are not technically violating the Do Not Call laws, I am surprised that a mere inquiry would result in a follow-up call like this.

    07/31/13 10:10 AM
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