(415) 685-4955

Phone Number: (415) 685-4955
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: San Francisco: Central DA, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (415) 685-4955

  • DarkrazoR

    Ashley Covey

    Thx for adding me..

    Do you like girls with piercings?

    er.. I have to sign off right now

    Text me some time 415-685-4955

    on fb, same nonsense

    09/19/13 5:00 AM
  • Cameron

    Wow this is weird I just got a friend request with a girl name Jennifer meister and she said what do I do on the weekends and said text her and she had to go so I was thinking about texting her but I was smart to look up the number

    09/14/13 6:57 PM
  • HDunaway

    A girl by the name of Jessica Claverie friended my Middle School age son and several of his friends. She messaged him saying, "I liked your pic, so I added u. Do you like to party? Er.. I gotta logout right now :( Txt me some time 415-685-4955. A little less than an hour before that, another girl who had friended my son had sent a very similar message so I got suspicious and decided to check into it.

    09/13/13 12:10 PM
  • Rhett

    Number posed as some girl on Facebook and the picture was of a young and pretty but awkward girl, probably to target me because I'm awkward but yeah. Right when she gave me her number right off the bat I searched it and what do you know, scammer bull ***. I knew it was way too good to be true lol. 415-685-4955 was the number. I'm just going to block the contact. It's all "nice pix..." "What are you looking for in a girl?" "I have to log out now )-:" "text me sometime 415-685-4955 k?"
    I think they need to target stupid ugly desperate people with these rather than highly intelligent, mentally stable, handsome men like myself. ;)
    And no, they didn't get me by phone or text. And yes, I know a scammer when I see one.

    08/25/13 5:01 AM
  • N1NJ4

    It's just another way to collect valid phone numbers that they can put on a list and sell to markets.

    08/19/13 5:09 AM
  • Jack

    yeah i got the request on facebook too. they asked me to text them later. it had to be a scam. Im thinking they can get a lot of information from your phone nowadays, with the smartphones and all, and use it for identity theft. I really dont know.

    08/16/13 3:06 PM
  • seif


    07/23/13 5:30 AM
  • kampala

    415-685-4955 scmamers just

    07/04/13 4:59 PM
  • Wilson

    Yes, they friend request you via Facebook, put a phony picture up and ask you to text them. What would be the purpose of this?

    07/03/13 11:13 PM
  • Chris

    Someone friend requested me asking if I'm a glass half full or empty kind of person and them said I need to know now and then said text this number and said bye. I'm assuming they want me to text that landlines for some reason but really don't know why? How do they make money off I text that number?

    07/02/13 3:03 AM
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