(415) 685-4955

Phone Number: (415) 685-4955
Search Date: 2017-06-29
Area: San Francisco: Central DA, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL
Timezone: Pacific

Comments (415) 685-4955

  • DarkrazoR

    Ashley Covey

    Thx for adding me..

    Do you like girls with piercings?

    er.. I have to sign off right now

    Text me some time 415-685-4955

    on fb, same nonsense

    09/19/13 5:00 AM
  • Cameron

    Wow this is weird I just got a friend request with a girl name Jennifer meister and she said what do I do on the weekends and said text her and she had to go so I was thinking about texting her but I was smart to look up the number

    09/14/13 6:57 PM
  • HDunaway

    A girl by the name of Jessica Claverie friended my Middle School age son and several of his friends. She messaged him saying, "I liked your pic, so I added u. Do you like to party? Er.. I gotta logout right now :( Txt me some time 415-685-4955. A little less than an hour before that, another girl who had friended my son had sent a very similar message so I got suspicious and decided to check into it.

    09/13/13 12:10 PM
  • Rhett

    Number posed as some girl on Facebook and the picture was of a young and pretty but awkward girl, probably to target me because I'm awkward but yeah. Right when she gave me her number right off the bat I searched it and what do you know, scammer bull ***. I knew it was way too good to be true lol. 415-685-4955 was the number. I'm just going to block the contact. It's all "nice pix..." "What are you looking for in a girl?" "I have to log out now )-:" "text me sometime 415-685-4955 k?"
    I think they need to target stupid ugly desperate people with these rather than highly intelligent, mentally stable, handsome men like myself. ;)
    And no, they didn't get me by phone or text. And yes, I know a scammer when I see one.

    08/25/13 5:01 AM
  • N1NJ4

    It's just another way to collect valid phone numbers that they can put on a list and sell to markets.

    08/19/13 5:09 AM


    08/19/13 3:35 AM
  • IT guy

    Definitely a scam, because I haven't had a girl friend request me on facebook since I was 13 and my Moms made my sister friend me because I didn't have any friends.

    08/19/13 3:26 AM
  • Jack

    yeah i got the request on facebook too. they asked me to text them later. it had to be a scam. Im thinking they can get a lot of information from your phone nowadays, with the smartphones and all, and use it for identity theft. I really dont know.

    08/16/13 3:06 PM
  • seif


    07/23/13 5:30 AM
  • kampala

    415-685-4955 scmamers just

    07/04/13 4:59 PM
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