(415) 662-8387

Phone Number: (415) 662-8387
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Nicasio, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (415) 662-8387

  • Anonymous

    told me we misfiled our taxes. Think Indian accent but his name was "andrew paul" and I needed to contact Eric. Had a reference number and all. I asked him if it was a scam considering when this had happened to us in the past the IRS sends out paper work not a phone call. He said they don't handle paperwork just calls.

    12/10/13 3:10 PM
  • joe true

    this is like the fbi virus bunch blackmail not real --they search sites on internet of nudes and then they werre caugth and the fbi virus is nothing just conatl delete and resart so they go to phone scams the accent is so thikc you know filipino or some 3d world nation 0--- call the police and register with the police dept as harassment they will hound you

    12/06/13 8:13 PM
  • Annoyed

    I got this same call two days in a row, with messages left on answering machine. A male, with a thick, foreign accent (that I could barely understand) said that, I had committed tax fraud, and if I didn't call him back my tax refund would be taken away from me. The man even called me by my full first name. I wasn't ever planning on calling the number back, as I had to listen to the message at least three times to even understand what he was saying. I knew it was a scam 'cause I don't owe the IRS a dime! I will ignore this for now, but, will consider calling the Sheriff's Dept. if the calls continue; they shouldn't be harassing people by phone.

    12/06/13 11:57 AM
  • Misty

    This number called me, but I heard no voice, so I hung up

    12/02/13 5:53 PM
  • lmp

    Same call today! Doubt the IRS hires people that shout into their phones in a heavy Indian accent...though you never know I guess. :P IM not gonna call em back!

    11/29/13 3:32 PM
  • Anonymous

    The clue is when the guy says if you don't respond "an illegal action will take place" with a deep Indian accent. Doesn't sound like the IRS to me. I blocked the first number they called from 415-662-8528 and they called back again using this number (415-662-8387) and leaving the same message

    11/20/13 4:00 PM
  • Angry

    This is a scam #. They claim to be from the IRS criminal investigation div

    10/30/13 6:15 PM
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