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Phone Number: (415) 143-4454
Search Date: 2017-12-15
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Comments (415) 143-4454

  • Jane

    They said they were sponsored by Southwest Airlines which is a total lie. Do not fall for anything they say!

    03/13/15 8:44 PM
  • Michael

    Called, but I was unable to pick up. Won't be calling them back!

    01/17/14 8:58 PM
  • Karen

    Got a call from this number tonight. I didn't answer and no message was left. Tried to call number back and disconnected. Google it and nothing really came up. Watch out if I answer... Ha

    01/07/14 11:41 PM
  • Steve

    Got a call tonight. Salesman introduced himself as "calling from the Marriott Hotel" about grand opening for new travel service in Draper. Further into his dialogue, I asked him the name of this "company" (he answered "NRL Getaways") and why he'd said he was calling from Marriott. He then said, "We have a variety of hotels and properties, including Marriott [and listed others]." Suddenly it had nothing to do with Marriott and everything to do with "our travel services" and a 90-minute sales presentation. At that point, I wished him a good evening and hung up. WHY ARE WE GETTING ALL THESE ANNOYING TELEMARKETERS IN THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS???

    11/13/13 11:38 PM
  • Brian

    Thanks. Great resource! Just got a call, glad I didn't answer.

    07/21/13 7:36 PM
  • Nancy

    I got a call tonight as well about the grand opening of this place called NRL Getaways. It's totally a hoax. I'm just not sure what they would do with the information they were asking for. I noticed 2 others now have said something about booking with Budget cars. They seem to be the link here.

    06/27/13 8:48 PM
  • Barb

    Beware - I received a call from this number last night inviting me to the opening of the new Southwest Airlines Reservation Center in Draper Utah. For attending they would give two free airline tickets to either Las Vegas or San Diego. Don't know the true nature of the hoax, but Southwest Airlines is not opening a center in Draper or giving away tickets.

    05/14/13 12:50 PM
  • Gary

    I just got a call from this number but did not answer. I am travelling for work and rented a car from budget car rentals in oakland. They asked for my cell phone number and I am ALWAYS careful about ever giving it to anyone but I assumed it was for good reason. I got a call from this number 48 hours later which is a san francisco number. Bit Suspect.

    05/08/13 12:50 AM
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