(414) 877-5671

Phone Number: (414) 877-5671
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Milwaukee Zone 1, WI
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (414) 877-5671

  • Henry

    8-10 calls in last 3 days alone, really getting sick of it...

    11/17/13 8:43 PM
  • Arianna

    Don't call here again I am a FBI agent and will be tracking you a soon a I get to work

    01/28/13 10:16 PM
  • Brody

    keeps calling and no one there.. so we let it ring next time and it only rings once. did it at least 4 times in a row

    01/05/13 11:27 PM
  • Christopher

    Told me he was calling for the Wisconsin Police Association. Began to argue with me when I said I wasn't giving. I hung up on him.

    12/22/12 12:57 PM
  • Noah

    called....i answered..no one spoke and no automated message. Annoying! Call was made to me on a Sunday. Hate that!

    12/09/12 6:38 PM
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