(413) 749-5006

Phone Number: (413) 749-5006
Search Date: 2018-06-22
Area: Adams, MA
Provider Type: Landline

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  • "JULIE" Hater

    We get these calls on our Pre-paid cells AFTER we've added more minutes to them. My spouse goes to various websites and gets discounted rates on the minutes, vs. the carrier's plans.

    These calls come in on the cells a week or two after we've done this. The calls DO NOT EVEN RING! They just somehow register as 'missed' calls when I go to use my phone.

    When I call this LOCAL number back on my BLOCKED landline (to prevent them from tracing that or any of my other numbers) it IMMEDIATELY goes to a prerecorded message (ALSO without RINGING first) saying that since "recently visiting one of our affiliated websites, you are eliglble for our 'rewards card' for 'local' (national chain) retailers." It asks you to press 1 to speak to a representative, but I always hang up at that point.

    WHY, just because we 'do business' ONLINE, buying FOR a PHONE, does that give the company a right to CALL that phone to solicit MORE business? We DID NOT *CALL* them nor ASK them to call US. This seems like a LOOPHOLE to me, at best (OR A BLATANT VIOLATION of the DNC rules, at worst) and one that should be CLOSED.
    Caller: "JULIE" of MEYER ASSOCIATES???
    Call Type: Telemarketer

    10/25/13 1:24 PM
  • Jackie

    I received a call from this number this morning and didn't answer. When I called back it said they were a reward company calling because I had visited one of their affiliate websites and that I was getting some kind of gift card...press 1 to sepak with someone and get your reward, etc. I hung up.

    09/16/13 4:17 PM
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