(413) 443-0955

Phone Number: (413) 443-0955
Search Date: 2018-12-18
Area: Pittsfield, MA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (413) 443-0955

  • Anonymous

    FIVE CALLS in the last TWO days from this number. No msgs left on ans. machine. Finally BLOCKED it. They keep calling - one attempt at a time, which leads me to believe this is a ROBOCALL. (Innocent wrong numbers usually try at least twice after being 'blocked.') Name on caller id is "YIADOM, ASARE". This is a 'local' number to us, and is listed on various websites as both cellular AND landline, as well as a VOIP #. But when I attempt to call this number back I get a 'generic' ans. machine message to 'leave a msg' without an ID as to whom has this # or why they called. VERY strange and VERY annoying.

    08/17/17 8:31 AM
  • Anonymous

    No msg call. CID said "YIADOM ASARE" but have no idea who that is/what that means. This does not match the info that White Pages provided. Called this LOCAL number back & got a generic ans. machine msg. Came in just minutes before a KNOWN Spam call from 978-881-0966 (note similarity of last four digits) that was already BLOCKED and is the "ENERGY" scam.

    08/16/17 10:16 AM
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