(413) 306-4014

Phone Number: (413) 306-4014
Search Date: 2019-02-19
Area: Springfield, MA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (413) 306-4014

  • Dan

    Yes, I got this call today, asking for my wife by name..

    05/28/15 10:13 AM
  • Anonymous

    100% SCAM. This is another BS "charity" soliticitation for "Breast Cancer Awareness." (WHO is 'not aware' of Breast Cancer at this point??? Numerous articles about how these are all SCAMS) Called at **8:26*AM* ** today - FAR too early IMO, as this is a DAY OFF from work - probably why they are harassing us at home today. We normally DO NOT answer these calls BUT, we were expecting a contractor today, so my husband picked up, thinking it was his cell. Of course, there was NO NAME displayed, just the number. We would NEVER give to a cold-calling 'charity' over the phone, but ESPECIALLY one that is unwilling to ID themselves.

    PRE-RECORDED MESSAGE (ILLEGAL) asking for "the lady of the house". Somehow he was able to say "DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN." The computer asked him to repeat that, so he did. We'll see if that works.

    They have been calling us for YEARS from another number 413-241-3302, which we BLOCKED about 3 years ago. They just kept calling, though! Now, they changed their number to get around all of us who've done so, and are starting this cat and mouse game all over again. This is LIKELY another one of the **REYNOLDS** Family FAKE CHARITIES that they use to ENRICH THEMSELVES - they are MULTI-MILLIONAIRES from doing this for YEARS - and KEEPING 98% of the 'proceeds' for THEMSELVES. Their 'charities' are just TAX SHELTERS for them.

    This is another number to BLOCK.

    Call Type: SCAM ARTISTS

    11/26/14 5:58 AM
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