(412) 430-5560

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Phone Number: (412) 430-5560
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Pittsburgh Zone 1, PA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (412) 430-5560

  • Tired Of It

    General Electric Security. Rude and annoying.

    07/23/13 12:43 PM
  • sjc

    Got a call from 412-430-5560. Did not answer as the ID read: V71314064600078. They left no recorded message. Where's the DNC when we need it???

    07/13/13 3:05 PM
  • Donna L. Schoening

    Received today - as in the past - my phone call tracker only indicates it's from Pittsburg - they don't leave messages and I don't pick up calls that I can't identify

    06/20/13 1:14 PM
  • sfm

    This is a very clever robotic call that can respond to limited voice commands from the receiver of the call. They identified themselves as being from "Home Protection", a Peter Jennings (yeah, right). Oh, and guess what, they're going to be in my neighborhood doing "free installs"!

    06/14/13 12:31 PM
  • FED UP!!!

    This number called me tonight. So much for the DNC list. I'm getting really fed up with these kinds of calls. The caller ID said it's, "YourSecurity." I let it go to the fax machine. What's the point of the DNC list if NO ONE is going to bother to ENFORCE it?!

    06/05/13 1:39 AM
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