(407) 732-2414

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Phone Number: (407) 732-2414
Search Date: 2015-11-30
Area: Sanford, FL
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (407) 732-2414

  • A

    they call and asked for me. i said that the person they were calling was busy to leave a message and they refused. annoying annoying annoying...they call non-stop

    07/28/15 5:15 AM
  • Rbekah

    haah Thanks guys, Ive been getting this call for a week like 6 times. Darn buggers. I use to be a chase member so they probably got my info from them.

    07/10/15 2:02 PM
  • John

    I get calls at all times of the day from this number 407-732-2414 from Florida and I say hello and ask who this is and she asks who I am and she will not identify herself so I don't identify myself and she will not say what she is calling about or what company she is calling from. I called back at this number and I get a message "thank you for calling CHASE card services, "please enter your card number or your social security number to get started" They are scammers because they are trying to collect debt on my CHASE card which I had already proven through documentation that the debt is fraudulent and they are trying to collect on debt that I do not have to pay because it was for fraudulent charges and I am being harrassed by CHASE Card Services.

    02/06/15 11:46 AM
  • Gum

    Getting 7 or 8 calls a day from these idiots. Never leave a message. Go away, scammers.

    01/16/15 3:27 PM
  • katy

    I have been getting multiple calls from this number, all hours of the day, early morning, afternoon, nights.....even weekends. No message is ever left, so I don't call back.

    03/30/13 2:00 PM
  • Dick

    i get calls all the time never leave a message so i started playing games with them so i asked who is this and they asked who i was and i asked whos this played ping pong 5 or 6 times then they hung up waiting for them to call back now its a lady i'm going to rude her out bad so hury up and call back

    03/29/13 7:01 PM
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