(407) 435-4855

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Phone Number: (407) 435-4855
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Winter Park, FL
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (407) 435-4855

  • Maverick

    FWIW, state of Florida has had a huge problem with identify theft. I guess this individual ran out of instate victims and has broadened their search.

    08/29/13 12:50 PM
  • miligirl

    these people continue to call me regardless to how many times i've told them not to call.. so i then flipped on them.. and they flipped on me right back.. telling me to go ahead an report them and they will continue to call. im so fed up with these people!!!!

    08/26/13 8:49 PM
  • jcres

    i put in my phone number in the pointspay website through etihad airways and soon after, got this scam call. luckily, didn't answer

    08/24/13 7:57 PM
  • ScammerHater

    Scammer trying to get info saying it's for a VISA and Mastercard offer. Bull*** scam.

    08/20/13 3:03 PM
  • girlflower

    Ignore it..scam

    08/08/13 5:10 PM
  • marie

    They are scammers tryinng to get personal information this is fraud do not talk to them

    08/08/13 1:25 PM
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