(406) 371-9995

Phone Number: (406) 371-9995
Search Date: 2018-04-19
Area: Billings, MT
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (406) 371-9995

  • Johnny

    They called me asking me to renew my subscription to a free magazine.. I told them i don't get that magazine so if it is a renewal what address do they send it to? She told me she didn't have my address. Call from billings, MT and I asked where they are based.. she said Caribbean..asked for their website.. she gave me a fake web address... The magazine she said she was calling from was related to my industry. I saw similar posts on other sites and everyone gets these call about magazines related to whatever business they are in. Some sort of scam for sure.

    10/10/13 1:03 PM
  • POD

    Received repeated calls from this number. If you pick up there is no answer but they call back. Caller id says Billings Montana. When you call back you are put on hold and they never pick up. should be charged criminally with aggravated harassment.

    10/08/13 8:16 PM
  • John

    Some sort of scam trying to confirm personal information. Pretending to be with some magazine company.

    09/05/13 2:12 PM
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