(404) 796-7724

Phone Number: (404) 796-7724
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Atlanta, GA
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (404) 796-7724

  • Don Browne

    text from 4047967727 informing me that my debit card has been red flagged!....have been listed in the do not call list for many years and the calls keep coming.

    11/17/13 2:49 PM
  • JJ

    They called 11/16/2013. I did not answer. They did not leave a message.

    11/16/13 1:32 PM
  • EnoughAlready

    If they called your cellphone, go to the FCC website and file a complaint. If you have a lawyer friend, have them get the actual caller name from your cellphone company and sue them; each call to your phone is worth a $1,000.

    11/15/13 7:00 PM
  • murf

    received call 2 days in a row from this number - both times left no message. was initially concerned was a friend, but searched their number and it wasnt the same. I see know it was some scum telemarketer/scam artist. heads up, dont answer, they EVENTUALLY stop calling.

    11/08/13 3:48 PM
  • George Ezell

    Also received a call, tried to call back but phone said not taking calls. After reading this, I am glad hey didn't

    10/31/13 7:36 PM
  • Carol

    Recording....this time it was "Julie" who told me I had visited one of their associate websites and I'd won a gift card to "popular" stores like "Walmart" (etc). Press 1 to get the giftcard or press 2 to be placed on a do not call list. I should already be on a DO NOT CALL list. I wish these scumbags would get caught and jailed.

    10/29/13 10:11 PM
  • Mike

    got a call a from 4047967724 and there was no one on the line.
    Just waiting for some Nigerian to call to try to scam me. Im ready for them tho,,,

    10/21/13 9:21 PM
  • Obama

    Got a call. No one was on the other end. Called back; recording of a lady saying I got a free $100 gift card. Bull***. Scam.

    10/17/13 2:41 PM
  • Jason

    Received a call from 404 796 7724 this morning on my Google Voice number. The caller left no message. I didn't recognize the number and probably don't have anyone calling me in Washington state from a Georgia area code.

    Looked the number up, and there were reports on numerous scam-reporting sites that listed this number.

    06/25/13 3:38 PM
  • Ken

    Got a call from some guy with a Nigerian accent telling me i won a $100 gift card for any dept store of my choosing, plus a $25 gift card for something else. I couldn't really understand through his accent. All i had to do was pay $3.95 for shipping the gift cards and they would accept payment through credit or debit card. Soo for any one who doesn't see this one coming best bet it's a scam to get your credit card info. and your mailing address info.

    06/17/13 6:31 PM
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