(385) 229-3204

Phone Number: (385) 229-3204
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Salt Lake City, UT
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (385) 229-3204

  • On do not call list as well

    They said I won money or a car or a trip. I searched the ph# and saw they were a scammer so I said bye and remove me from the list.

    12/12/14 1:28 PM
  • me

    these scum are "Federal Financial Group" out of Utah - they use 385-229-3204 AND 385-229-3205

    11/05/14 2:01 PM
  • A. Noid

    Persistent little poops. Call my office phone about once/week.

    06/17/14 9:29 AM
  • Megan

    Got a call from (385) 229-3204, phone screen showed: Federal Financi
    Caller said they were giving away a free Restaurant.com certificate as a way to promote a business. Said it was totally free, no sales pitch, no obligation, etc. He then wanted to send a representative to deliver the certificate - again no sales pitch, no obligation. I declined. However, they already had my phone number (obviously) and address. Not too sure if they had my full name.

    04/16/14 4:40 PM
  • PJH

    Called me on my home office line ... answered, no one on the other end spoke but could hear lots of background voices. Call center scam from overseas apparently based on what I have read on this and other sites. Blocked the number so hopefully I won't be getting repeat calls like others have.

    03/26/14 1:08 PM
  • dselinac

    Comes up as federal financial. They have called a few times. I am registered on Do Not Call list. Don't know what they are offering, didn't wait long enough to hear.

    02/10/14 7:48 PM
  • Erich

    I got a call from them today. He spoke a language I didn't know, and then hung up.
    This was my business line and an email comes with every call. This was what came up:
    Call Notify from 3852293204 - FEDERAL FINANCI at Feb 7, 2014 11:48:44 AM

    02/07/14 1:35 PM
  • Texas

    On February 4, 2014, (2:58pm) a call was recorded on my home phone. There was only background voices for well over nine minutes. Absolutely sounded like an offshore call center. Could not make out the accent of the people in the background… but I could tell it was foreign. There was a good bit of laughter. At one point, I head someone being belligerent to a person on the other end of the phone. Sure wish there was a way to put the creeps out of business.

    02/04/14 6:14 PM
  • dad

    called me today But I didn't pick up

    11/24/13 12:12 PM
  • Alohamom

    They called one two lines a once 12 times even threaten to call the police,
    then started to just press a number for long period to screeech in their ears.

    11/21/13 6:53 PM
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