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Phone Number: (360) 252-9548
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: Olympia, WA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (360) 252-9548


    IT'S A SCAM. They want to send you an envelope and have you mail cash back to them. When questioned about their "charity" they claim they are collecting for breast cancer, but they refuse to provide any facts about who they are, and they are not registered as a charity in WA. THEY ARE A SCAM

    04/03/14 12:44 AM
  • NoMoreCallsPlease

    My young son answered the phone to hear a creepy animated woman's voice say, "I can't believe it, they are watching you."

    03/31/14 9:05 PM
  • Mike 0

    Called 'em back, using *67 to block MY number - got a male voice thanking me for calling about a fundraiser. The DNC is useless...

    03/27/14 10:33 AM
  • K

    They call every few days and we've repeatedly asked them to stop. They don't because we end up getting another call a few days later. When we don't answer, they don't leave a message. It is annoying.

    03/18/14 12:13 AM
  • Michelle

    This number has called the past 2 nights asking for the head of the household,

    03/06/14 11:55 PM
  • RichCall

    Call @7:30 PM - No message

    11/13/13 11:30 PM
  • WeirdCallReceiver

    Got a call at 5am. Answered and heard silence for 10 seconds and then automated female voice "Good bye"

    11/13/13 10:54 AM
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