(352) 504-4545

Phone Number: (352) 504-4545
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Leesburg, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (352) 504-4545

  • jesse mcgaha

    lisa lansden do u like 420? i have to sign off now hit me up today 352-504-4545

    11/05/13 12:12 AM
  • Mike

    Here is mine - under the alias "Jessica Yarrito":

    Nice pix..
    What do you do 4 work?
    er.. I have to log out right now
    Text me sometime 352-504-4545

    11/03/13 8:34 PM
  • Chucky Lopez

    I received a friend request from Jessica Garthee. She messaged me and said, thanks for adding me, do you like tattoos?, and then she said she had to log out and text her at this same number. I unfriended as soon as I saw what this number was.

    10/27/13 4:20 PM
  • Quickthedj

    I as well received a friend request from a ( Ashley Vallone ) Earlier this evening... Same as above!... She left a # 352-504-4545 so I searched a lil' ... It took me 2 min. to see that this number is a ( land line )... And, if you respond you will be SORRY that you did! DO NOT RESPOND!!!.... IT IS A TRACKING CENTER!!! DUMP HER OFF YOUR FACEBOOK AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!! THIS IS A NEW WAY TO GET YOUR ( PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! ) !!!SCAM!!! !!!SCAM!!! !!!SCAM!!! !!!SCAM!!!...

    10/25/13 5:13 AM
  • RH

    I got a Facebook friend request from "Jessica Borrelli" ( - I noted the URL too late), and I saw they were already a friend of someone else I know in person, so I accepted by marked them as restricted until I found out more about them. Glad I did. The profile was basically empty even after accepting, and about an hour later I got the following message stream:
    Hey there wahts up?
    Do you like four twenty?
    ugh I need to log out right now :<
    Text me today 352-504-4545 :)

    10/25/13 2:34 AM
  • Angela

    This same number was given to my husband via Fb from a person claiming to be Ashely Balistrieri
    Ashley Balistrieri

    I liked your pic, so I added you.

    What kinda music do you like?

    I need to log off right now

    Text me some time 352-504-4545 k?
    Even in the address bar on this particular page gives a males name. augustus.holger.98

    10/24/13 11:07 AM
  • ashley

    It was some lisa tangly on fb n askd my husband to text her n if he ever had a massage n *** glad its a.scam i was hurt for a min cuz my husband replyed

    10/23/13 2:56 AM
  • Kat

    A gril named Lisa Ripptoe added a lot of my friends under this number. Scam.

    10/22/13 11:26 PM
  • Pitdog06

    Facebook under Ashley Bittle left the same type of message. Call me some time. 352 504 4545 I have to go off line:(

    10/22/13 6:36 PM
  • Anonymous

    Same thing happened to me but a different FB profile

    10/22/13 12:08 PM
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