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Phone Number: (347) 441-5990
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: New York City Zone 13, NY
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (347) 441-5990

  • C

    An officer John Walker called my work and left a message with the HR director for me to contact him ASAP. I called and he said he was from the federal trade commission and there was complaints against me. He said he needed my name and S.S. number to finish processing the file on me. This is a scam do not fall for there tactics.

    07/23/13 2:44 PM
  • CDW

    i receveid a call from the number 347.441.5990. The guy has an Indian accent and his name is David Jones....This is laughable. How are you going to have a common american name with an accent that thick first of all. Secondly when I called the nubmer back he said his extention was 215. They won't let you dial an extension and you can hear a lot of talking in the backgound. I called the FTC and they told me it was a scam also. HTis is rediculous....I called them back and told them if they call my job again I would file harrassment charges. Do not let these people intimidate you.

    06/19/13 8:14 AM
  • Anonymous

    Yes it is a scam I received the same calls from a officer Aaron Thompson and a female

    05/28/13 5:15 PM
  • Jessica

    this is in fact a scam eleanor I just got a phone call from mark smith saying he worked for the federal trade Commission he claims his ID number is 245 they tell me that I owe money for a payday loan I've never taken out a payday loan in my life they transferred me over to a senior officer Alice Cooper I asked for his ID number which is 3498 SA I called this company back and then I asked what the guys name was the pick up the phone he gave me Aaron Thompson I called the Federal Trade Commission myself what these people on the phone I shut them down the attorney general's office is well aware of what is going on here the Federal Trade Commission is well aware of what is going on with these people replacing your complaints at the Federal Trade Commission telephone number 1877 438 4338 or you can go to www.consumer.gov/ID theft he get all of your information your social security number your bank account information everybody be aware contact your bank contact Social Security number for your social security number put a flag up on everything this is serious here

    05/21/13 11:17 AM
  • Anonymous

    I just got a call from this company and the guys name was AARON THOMPSON!!!!!! I have NEVER had a loan with CASH ADVANCE USA like he says. He also left a nasty message at my work saying he is with the federal trade commission and I was going to go to jail if I didn't pay it. I asked him for his credentials and badge number and he immediately started saying "well you're not going to pay this?" "You will be arrested"! I laughed at him and told him ok well I'd love to see you try to come arrest me with your dollar store fake badge. He immediately hung up! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!!!!

    03/22/13 1:30 PM
  • Nikki

    Indian male and female pretending to be the Federal Trade Commission. They are stating they need money to process a fraudulent company you have never dealt with!! They use the names admin Thompson, Aarron Thompson, Michael Robinson and Michael Anderson. They pretend to be Officers and legal attorneys.

    03/13/13 7:35 PM
  • Eleanor

    I need to no if this is scam

    01/29/13 7:07 PM
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