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Phone Number: (347) 344-5987
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: New York City Zone 03, NY
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (347) 344-5987

  • NotG Iven

    No voice on line when answered ... don't know anyone in NY

    04/03/14 12:29 PM
  • timmy

    No one talks only yells.

    03/25/14 6:52 PM
  • Cecil

    I just got call from this number in which a SERGEANT offered me extended coverage after speaking so fast I cold no keep up with him and immediately asking my mileage etc and telling "You are the registered owner of this vehicle etc.

    Very ignorant in that I told him a retired cop I have never hear of a Sgt. cling people about a matter unrelated to registration, tickets ( that's very rare ) and despite my numerous queries as to where and with WHO he was a Sgt. He finally said this is your last chance to buy extended coverage on your vehicle to which I replied " I must decline" ....silence... finally I told him I'll take my chances as I bought this vehicle 9 years ago and paid cash for it and finally had to which nice day and hang up on his dumb ass. I started out in my "dumbass voice" that I usually use for numbers I don't recognize from strange area codes but hen when he pulled that Sgt. *** I busted him. After telling him I retired as a Captain and I have worked ALL phases of Law Enforcement and NEVER saw a policeman of any kind calling about stuff like this. part of the time he just sat there in stunned silence. DUH....He still did not stop his BS scamming even when I told his the mileage was about 466,000 miles.
    What a dumbass. Killing thing is my wife just re-entered our numbers in the "do not call registry" today. I guess they just hand your numbers out to any and everybody now when you do that.

    ( What bull***.2 hours earlier I got a call from 347-697-1440 with some Nigerian sounding woman asking me al kind of questions about my and my female family members health. The dumbass voice worked on her.).

    02/26/14 6:41 PM
  • Larry

    Scammer for sure.

    Invited me to buy warranty coverage.

    01/10/14 12:28 PM
  • Chris

    Called my personal cell phone number. "Adam" had all my personal info and said he noticed that I hadn't bought extended warranty on my Chevy Traverse. I told him to mail me the info and hung up on him. I bet the dealer sold my info to him. Definitely a scammer.

    11/25/13 2:18 PM
  • Mike

    They called me and said they were calling from Toyota to provide information on purchasing additional protection for my vehicle. They knew my name, address, phone number, and make and model of my vehicle. I was able to tell something was up so ended the call. I then did an internet search for the phone number and found this site, so I'm very confident that it is a scam.

    11/20/13 5:22 PM
  • Mike

    Told me they were from Hyndai about purchasing additional coverage.

    11/20/13 3:25 PM
  • Shawn

    Scammer for sure - Said they were from Audi - no way

    11/14/13 3:37 PM
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