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Phone Number: (326) 172-0000
Search Date: 2018-06-23
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Comments (326) 172-0000

  • John of Lower Merion

    (326) 172-0000 Live call recorded 27 February 2014 ("We're Microsoft certified, your computer is broadcasting too many errors on the Internet..." ) SCAM "fix-it"

    Caller ID: "Name Unavailabl[e]"

    International Scammers from India

    (aso called 1 October 2013 from the same number. I toyed with them, now they're giving me the opportunity to do so, again!)

    Heavy India accent calling to inform me my computer is broadcasting many error reports over the Internet, but they can help me fix the problem. Their problem is to get me to turn on my computer.

    I put them on hold telling them I have to go to my computer (I was actually speaking to them using my computer as a telephone thanks to Google Voice) then they described what to do after the screen icons appeared.

    They had me start the Microsoft RUN box and I put them on HOLD to answer the door (the UPS man really did show up) and I tried to trip them up when they dictated what I was to type in the RUN box command line. They said "double u double u double u dot..." so I carefully spelled out "double you double you double you dee oh tee..." and they said "No, no!"

    I continued the phonetic spelling when they told me "double you double you double dot P L U S S I G N ..." and generally annoyed them. After I put them on hold again, they chastised me and said "I know you're really a technician...don't you have anything to say for yourself...you've wasted 3 minutes of my time and your time..." (Ha ha, I wasted 15 minutes of their time, listen to the recording on my Spam Calls Web Page, link below).

    Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear this recorded call on my Spam Calls web page:


    Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam

    02/27/14 3:08 PM
  • Patelsuck

    This bunch of moron's keep calling my business, when I answer they sit there and don't say a word, then they keep calling back. I'm sick of this crap, if you have something to say, then say, these companies have to be shut down. It NEVER STOPS.

    11/08/13 1:19 PM
  • Go Red Sox

    Just got the call. Heavy mid-East or far-East accent. I asked him to tell me which of my computers’ operating systems was “infected”. He named the one version of Windows that I do not have. Bingo.

    I had a little more fun with him then asked him for his name and a return phone number. He gave me “Scott Jones” and 510-960-4561.

    Nice accent Scott. You don’t sound like you’re from around here. Buh-bye.

    10/23/13 11:40 AM
  • Bill

    An Indian called, claimed that my computer was pinging a MS server with a signal that I had been infected. I said "Oh no, what do I do?". He told me to log into my control panel and that's when I said "Hey assh*le, I don't know how you got my number, but I'm on a Mac and this is a phishing scam." Then he hung up. It was fun.

    06/10/13 2:33 PM
  • A

    Got a call today from 326-172-0000. Sounded suspicous. It was a ethnic woman who asked if I owned an HP (which I do) and she said she was going to help me fix (which I am having probs). It just sounded very strange. I told her that and ended the call. She proceeded to call back and I did not answer.

    04/09/13 3:14 PM
  • Mike

    Just got a call from Indian Acient "Ronnie Smith" (326-172-0000) asking me to purchase an anti-virus software and security solutions software for 177.78. After I told Ronnie that I did not need the software and that I believed this call was a scam he then turned the conversation into a desperate need for charity. When I asked for their website address he quikcly hung up the phone. Microsoft Security Solutions is a free download and should not be sold by scamers like Ronnie.

    03/22/13 1:15 PM
  • Canadian

    indian accent..... if you answer one time they will phone you 100000 times.... non stop

    why cant we block phone numbers with a cell phone? WHY??

    03/11/13 4:57 PM
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