(321) 325-4327

Phone Number: (321) 325-4327
Search Date: 2019-01-23
Area: Geneva, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (321) 325-4327

  • Nikki

    Automated call saying that I won...the first 150 callers can win a trip to Orlando or some other city in Florida. The message then gave me a claim number and if I wanted to accept, I had to dial some number...of course I hung up, not risking a damn thing for the sake of my own curiosity.

    I called the number back and it was an automated message "dial something to opt in, to stop messages" that would get you "concierge look-up service" when you want the weather, directions, etc...

    Still trying to find out who or what company they are and find out how they not only got my cell phone # but also tried to scam me when I'm registered on the damn Do Not Call List!

    08/17/13 1:51 PM
  • mat

    I just got the call as well I did not answer it they did not leave msg. I just added it to my contacts as scammer dont answer so next time I dont answer it by mistake

    08/15/13 3:14 PM
  • Steve AR

    Call went to VM, left partial cryptic message with 4 digit number. Scam.

    08/15/13 1:35 PM
  • David

    Sent to voicemail but they left no message.

    08/15/13 12:25 PM
  • Ashlie Hinman

    Left a voicemail message with only a claim number - no additional information. Very strange.

    08/14/13 5:28 PM
  • Michelle

    They called my cell phone 3 times today and never left a message

    08/14/13 5:09 PM
  • Watchful Eye

    I knew something was up... Calling in the morning. Not a familiar number, out of state & no message. Scammers and telemarketers have found a way to go around the "DNC" List.

    08/14/13 12:01 PM
  • Tennessee

    Didn't answer, if don't recognize # or in my contacts, I let go to voice mail! Checked, no message, came here to check the validty of the call and find, it is a scam.... so thankful for such information!

    BEWARE.... ALL OF SUCH !!!!

    08/13/13 2:35 PM
  • Pen

    Don't answer it is a scam

    08/12/13 9:30 PM
  • Nicole

    Received a call from this number today but did not pick up. No voicemail left. Called the number back and said congratulations you have won a trip to the bahamas. I hung up after that. Then I called back and the message was different. It was offering a medical alret bracelet for anyone that is 55 yrs or older in my household. I hung up.

    08/12/13 6:03 PM
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