(313) 355-5255

Phone Number: (313) 355-5255
Search Date: 2015-07-02
Area: Detroit Zone 1, MI
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (313) 355-5255

  • Mark

    WARNING!!!!!!! These are scam artists trying to get you to give them you credit card number to lower you interest rates. They must be reported to the Federal Trade Commission to shut them down. Call (877) 382-4357 and report the phone number from you caller ID. This is the best way to get rid of them.

    05/28/15 9:54 PM
  • Jason W

    I received a call from this number and did not answer. The info here shows I made the correct decision!

    02/03/15 10:39 PM
  • Carole

    They have called a couple of times. We are a government/county office. They leave a message to punch the number 9 to be removed. If ever they call when I am in the office, I shall tell them they're being reported to the state Attorney General's office.

    01/21/15 7:20 AM
  • Bill

    Scum of the earth, just another thing our government can't be bothered to fix

    08/27/14 10:34 AM


    03/11/14 6:03 PM
  • Ken

    Today's scam was a scare tactic aimed at SENIORS.
    ROBO CALL. Member Srvices.

    The called started by "DO NOT HANG UP this is NOT a SALES CALL"
    the is goes into how many Seniors FALL!

    We are on the do not call list.
    They do not care.

    SCUM of the Earth telemarketers.

    02/18/14 1:37 PM
  • doug

    it's scamers at it again ,, and whats with the do not call list ,, it's more like we do nothing at the National Do Not Call Registry , but give your number to the telemarketers !!!! it a joke ,, when you sign up they sell give your # to them and this is how they got your # Federal Trade Commission does nothing to stop the call and nothing when you fill a complaint , You may also file a complaint if you received a call that used a recorded message instead of a live person (whether or not your number was on the Registry). is the best joke of all lol lol lol lol lol lol

    12/11/13 2:58 PM
  • Henry

    Without success in stopping these calls, I decided to try out what Kent said from another blog site and called 307-223-0458 earlier last week. Since it worked to stop the calls, I'm here to say this is an easy fix.

    11/19/13 8:14 PM
  • sweets

    These folks are running a whole array of scams. They make millions of calls each day, and most of the numbers showing up in caller ID are fake. No way to get off their list, and if you request to get off their calling list, they usually hang up on you, after spewing forth a few nasty words. These folks are difficult to block, since the scam and number associated with it, are ever changing.

    11/16/13 2:25 PM
  • KJ

    got a call 11/15/13, it says 'members services', heard the automated voice and then pushed 1, a real person came on and I told him to take me off his fuxxxxx phone list, then they just hang up

    11/15/13 10:10 PM
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